Gil Baumgartner is the owner of Gil’s Classic Thunderbird/Ford Center in California.  He is Authenticity Chairman of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, CTCI.  He is Chief judge and concours chairman for the Classic Thunderbird Club International with over 40 years experience judging Thunderbirds and American Sports Cars through throughout California and the US.  Gil is assisting author of Where the Cars Are featuring 1955-57 Thunderbirds and was responsible for the restoration section of the book.  He is author of Thunderbird Restoration Manual and ongoing supplements for 1955 through 1957 Thunderbirds.  Gil is a member of, and technical writer for the Classic Thunderbird Club magazine.  He has restored many Thunderbirds 1955 through 1957 and other special interest cars.

F Bird Owned by Jack Jenson – Ft. Washington Maryland
F-Bird owned by Amos Minter – Dallas Texas
F-Bird owned by Amos Minter – Dallas Texas
Full Shot 2
The Battlebird
FBird Rebuilt Dash
Rebuilt dash prior to windshield installation
E Model Engine
E Model Engine
FBird Paint
Concours quality painting and hand finishing by Gil prior to reassembly

FBird Body

FBird Engine
FBird Engine

With every aspect of your Thunderbird having been rebuilt or restored to better than original condition, you will be able to drive, show or enjoy your Thunderbird while it grows in value over the years you own it.  You can be comforted that with so few early Thunderbirds having been built, and with the styling having changed so through the years, there will always be potential buyers for the early Thunderbirds.  Thunderbird clubs across America with thousands of members with more young people coming in all the time, create a continued demand for your restored Thunderbird when you are ready to sell.